Euro-Algerian Research Networking Project Number 266535
Euro-Algerian Research Networking Project Number 266535
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FP7 in Brief

On December 18, 2006, the European Council adopted the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7). The first calls for projects as for them were published on December 22, 2006. Current over a period of seven years (2007-2013), the FP7 will participate actively in the creation of the European Space Research and Development Communication Society in Europe. This major instrument for supporting research and innovation in Europe revolves around four programs corresponding to four basic components of European research: cooperation, ideas, people and capacities. the FP7 also funds activities of the JRC (Joint Research Center) and the actions of the EURATOM program (research on fusion energy, nuclear fusion and protection against radiation).

Objectives of FP7 (2007-2013)

The general objectives of FP7 have been grouped into four categories: Cooperation , Ideas, People and Capacities . For each type of objective, there exists a specific program corresponding to the principal fields of policy EU research. All specific programs working together to promote and encourage the creation of European poles of (scientific) excellence.

See the Framework programme for competitiveness and innovation (NCV) in CORDIS website.
calls for proposals of these programs are regularly launched by European Commission : Cordis WebSite 
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The 7th Framework in Algeria

In the 7th Framework Programme...
      14 Algerian participants have attended...
         13 projects with the European Union and other third countries.

Top 9 participants in proposers

 participantnumber of partici-pationsparticipation in selected projects
1.University of Annaba81
2.Center for Renewable Energy Development81
3. Research Center on Scientific and Technical Information61
4. Research center in astrophysical astronomy and geophysics51
5. National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria 51
6.Pasteur Institute of Algeria 51
7. University of the Science and the Technology Houari Boumediene4
8. Research center in Applied Economic for the development3
9.University of the Science and the Technology3