Euro-Algerian Research Networking Project Number 266535
Euro-Algerian Research Networking Project Number 266535
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What is EARN about ?

« EARN » is the acronym of the FP7 Poject Number 266535 « Euro-Algerian Research Networking ». It aims to strengthen the bilateral dialogue between Algeria and the EU Member States. The 7th Framework Program of the European Union and the 34 National Programs of Algerian Research represent a platform to identify common themes of cooperation. The project makes no restriction on themes of research.

What are the aims of EARN ?

  • Provide information on the programs of financing of the common projects of research and promote the cooperation between Algerian and European researchers
  • Providing aid programs for the identification of partners in Algeria and Europe.
  • Implement a network of contact points in experts' Algeria by scientific theme and program training to assist the Algerian researchers
  • Training workshops on the systems of financing for the researchers and the contacts of the 7th PC
  • Promoting the innovation by means of mechanisms allowing to build footbridges between the science, the innovation and the industry
  • Organize workshops to identify priorities of collaboration and domains of mutual interest.

What is the expected impact of EARN ?

  • Increase of effective collaboration between Algerian and European researchers
  • Improvement of mutual understanding of the respective research systems for capacity building of national research system
  • Simulation of innovation, technology transfer, implementation of projects of technological development and valuation of the research results
  • Encouragement of actions of scientific cooperation having a regional impact.